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McKinney's Non Profits Our Unsung Heroes

One of the greatest outpouring of resources since the economic impact of COVID-19, was nonprofits here in McKinney stepping in and helping shoulder the burden of the economic pain of our McKinney residents. Many nonprofits were working with limited resources and had themselves experienced loss of funding and support due to the closure of businesses, and the scarcity of funds in the uncertainty of this unprecedented time, but they used what they had to help their fellow neighbors. Today we want to share some amazing McKinney Nonprofits that did just that in our community. Our local Nonprofits provided critical needs for people who needed it most! While Victory Church McKinney, began their Wednesday's faith, food family events inviting anyone from the community to come eat dinner at no cost to them, opened up their doors for L.I.F.T. R&R to begin serving those whose loved one had died with the GriefShare support group, Community Lifeline Center, Alliance for Elite Youth Leadership, and Above All Things, began providing food boxes and hot meals for community residents. Nonprofits like Street side Showers came every Saturday, across from Sam's Club with portable showers, clothing and meals to support the most vulnerable, our homeless population. Places Like Hope Clinic continued to provide healthcare for those without insurance and low income and places like Mission Regan gave free medical equipment to those in desperate need of items such as wheelchairs, rollators, adult diapers and more. Baby Booties Diaper Bank ensured parents in need of baby supplies, diapers, wipes and baby food for their little ones had it. Recycles McKinney provided free bikes to children and the homeless. L.I.F.T. R&R put on free furniture and clothing giveaways, became Santa, providing supplies for the Northpark Nursing and Rehabilitation Seniors, and over 300 families for Christmas partnering with Toys for Tots. While Beyond the Walls gave gift cards to Essential workers., A Motivating Love encouraged women and supported  them with friendships and emotional support. Countless others gave and some with such humility, they gave thousands of dollars in gift cards and asked for no recognition (but if you read this, you know who you are, smiling). Many businesses supported these nonprofits in incredible ways including in-kind donations and we are all truly grateful. Businesses like the McKinney Chamber, First United Bank, the YMCA, InspiredTrends Prints and countless other businesses rose and supported our McKinney nonprofits in spectacular ways. 

Hopelessness could have easily set in and consumed many in the midst of job losses and a pandemic. Everything listed above would have cost money that many no longer had. These Non Profits did much heavy lifting because of their love for McKinney. They are a vital piece of our beautifully created puzzle, not only for those in need but also for the businesses here as well. See, like 6 degrees of separation we are all impacted by others within just a few people. An employee can truly be at their best when they are not worried about how their family will eat, where they will live, and how to keep the utilities on. With community leaders and businesses supporting the Non Profits and collaborating we all play a part in providing the help for those in need, showing we are truly McKinney Strong because McKinney is a community who cares for the well-being of others. Let us thank our unsung heroes who have taken up the mantle to fill in the gaps to be a helper one to another.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2021